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2024 年 1 月 20 日, 香港VR AR協會常務副主席陳國强先生 受邀出席粤港大灣區設計製造業跨界創新論壇暨智能製造整體解決方案發佈儀式。


他在設計行業已經超過30年,由空間設計、品牌設計,到文化至科技創新。設計和科技不能分開,而是互補協調。他分享一些VR AR科技創造互動同真實環境項目,用於不同目的,例如旅遊、娛樂同學習。他說科技可以豐富我們的生活每一方面,由屋企到工作,由現實到幻想。

他亦都介紹 VR AR領域的最新發展,例如眼球追蹤裝置、智能眼鏡以及全息投影, 等等。他說科技可以開拓新感知和表達維度,並讓我們可以跨越時間和空間與別人溝通合作。他說科技亦都可以幫我們產生新意念與解決方案,通過AI協助設計和模擬。他說科技亦都可以創造新藝術和文化形式,通過以新穎的方式結合虛擬與真實元素。他總結科技是我們創造自己未來的工具。

On 20 January 2024, Mr. Paul Chan, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Association for VR AR, was invited to attend The Greater Bay Cross Innovation Forum and Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions Release Ceremony in Qianhai, China.

At the forum, he shared his experience and vision for the future of design and technology. He showed how digital mapping and indoor positioning solutions can create immersive and engaging experiences for visitors in different fields, such as art exhibitions, concerts, games, and education. He also demonstrated how artificial intelligence and augmented reality can enhance design creativity and efficiency. He emphasized the importance of integrating technology and culture and invited the audience to explore new possibilities in the virtual and real worlds.

He has been in the design industry for more than 30 years, ranging from space design, brand design, and culture to technological innovation. Design and technology cannot be separated, but complement each other and coordinate. He shared some VR and AR technology projects to create interactive and real environments for different purposes, such as travel, entertainment, and learning. He said technology can enrich every aspect of our lives, from home ownership to work, from reality to fantasy.

He also introduced the latest developments in VR AR, such as eye-tracking devices, smart glasses, holographic projection, etc. He said that technology can open up new dimensions of perception and expression, and allow us to communicate and cooperate with others across time and space. He said that technology can also help us generate new ideas and solutions, and assist in design and simulation through AI. He said technology can also create new forms of art and culture by combining virtual and real elements in novel ways. He concluded that technology is the tool through which we create our future.

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